Arco Collection was born out of a love and passion to produce, design and bring the artisan work to the forefront of the stage.

After 15 years of experience in manufacturing, designing and customizing furniture, we wanted to share knowledge, passion and beauty and produce handmade furniture, for private clients and be a central and important part in the interior design of the space, home, hotel or office.

The Founders

Adi and Shai, the owners of the company, are a full and exciting reflection of the Arco Collection.

They are driven by a love of art and creativity, intertwined with their whole worldview. 

Combining technology and craft.
The constant pursuit of innovation, the use of advanced technologies on traditional raw materials, together with the employment of people working in traditional handicrafts: seamstress, locksmith, welder and more, express the guiding motif in Arco, of the constant combination of perfectionism, technology and artisan work, along with constant thinking outside To the box

Family values, society and social worldview
As the business grew, Adi and Shai expanded their family and became parents to four children.

The values of the family, the company, the pride in producing a premium brand that is “Israeli pure brand”, which strengthens the Israeli economy, create differentiation and uniqueness for a brand that is all: love, passion, values and the combination between them

The final product is born from a thorough design process, through the selection of quality raw materials to traditional handmade production combined with advanced technology, all under strict quality control in the company’s factories.

In addition to the sale of the flagship products, Arco Collection provides a unique service accompanied by extensive projects. The service is done while adjusting and manufacturing special products that are customized for each project.

We invite you to choose us to be a part of your work.